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Remove Palevo

How to Remove Palevo Worm

Palevo Information:

Palevo is a family of Worm which spreads through file sharing networks and is copied to network folders without user consent or knowledge. Worm spread automatically and increase the network traffic in networks thus reducing the network data transfer speed of useful applications.You should be remove it as soon as possible.

Automated Get Rid of Palevo Worm using Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware:

Step 1: Reboot your computer, keep pressing F8 key and select “Safe Mode with Networking” with your arrow key. Press Enter key and your computer will boot in Safe Mode.

Step 2: Download Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware (Download Link), (Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware information)install it and update its database to the latest. After that, reboot your computer to make Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware fully functional, repeat Step 1 into Safe Mode and run a full scan of your computer.

NOTE: If you have problem installing Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware Software, you can rename the installer to winlogon.exe or iexplore.exe. Then double click the program and follow the install steps.


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